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Opera for All - Bayerische Staatsoper 360

4min / VR short

As the first opera house in the world the Bayerische Staatsoper invites the viewer to an unique virtual reality experience.

Witness musicians, dancers and famous singers in VR close ups, as well get the possibility to travel through locations that the audience is normally entirely excluded from.


This climaxes on the grand opera stage, facing a roaring applause in a fully packed auditorium. 

"Traumartig fühlt es sich an, wenn man plötzlich über die Bühne des Nationaltheaters wandelt und in den Zuschauerraum blickt."


Salomé Meier, SZ, Nr. 140, 2018

Opera for All - Jonas Kaufmann Teasing

Opera for All - Jonas Kaufmann Teasing

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