SALON HYBRID is an experimental production platform founded by Stephanie Winter with the goal to conceptualize, realize and produce projects in the field of art, cinema and performance.

SALON HYBRID has taken it upon itself to appropriate vacant buildings and abandoned sites for artistic productions with different thematic focal points under the concept of PARAPRAXIS. The PARAPRAXIS is not only understood as error or Freudian slip but as a praxis set in a meta-world, a simulacrum, which addresses the issue of identity and its construction(s) from a particular perspective. Embedded in a wide field of psychological, scientific and cultural-historical contents, the boundaries between empiricism and belief, science and art, idea and form are dissected in versatile artistic techniques. The first version of Parapraxis [pd#0.01] was produced in March 2013 in the project space of and in collaboration with the Kollektiv Rauschen. Shortly after, in June 2013 a considerably more elaborate production was realized in cooperation with a larger team at the Brut-Stätte in Vienna under the name of Psychodrom [pd#0.02]. In July of 2014 a third version with the title ICH UND MEINE SUMME – Parapraxis [pd#0.03] was staged at the former juvenile court in Vienna’s third district. The next version of the PARAPRAXIS with the title M.I.S.S. – My Intern(ation)al Space Station will take place in October 2016 at a former key factory in Vienna.

SALON HYBRIDs inner team consists of Stephanie Winter, Eugen Klim, Flora Schausberger, Daniel Moshel and Jenny Schleif, surrounded by a flexible layer of members, depending on the respective project.