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MeTube 2 is unleashed 14.04.

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Last Saturday I had the best party of my thirties. I guess  there won’t be a better one. Playing table tennis with a horde of 80ies dressed retro players, while drinking cocktails and listening to great tunes was more than satisfying,  NO, it was EPIC. We even enjoyed a MeTube 2 Cheesecake tasting very yamiyami. Phil the remix dude of Metube 1&2 and our line producer Roli were ping-pong DJing while Elfi and August were battling for the kinkiest table tennis outfit. And the best was that I won the death match tournament. One Teammate wrote in the youtube mt2 comments “The maker of this video spent years of hard work only to get 150 people into a table tennis center, so they could see him win the tournament.” :-) So true…

Fun aside, finally – after Sundance – I’m really happy that “MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana” hit the web. And I can say 4 days after release the status quo rocks: more than 100 k views on YT and yesterday after uploading on VIMEO we became a STAFF PICK which earned us also more than 30 k views. Can’t be more happy, what a start. So here it goes the flick on several channels and of course some impression from our release party.

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And because quite a bunch of people haven’t even asked at all “Yes the HOT chick on the party invitation is ME.” Here Make up equals miracles.

Last but not least the making of MeTube 2

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metube 2 finished, sundance premiere mastered, online release in the planning 02.02.

Dear MeTubians, it’s been a while since I had the time to publish something about the process finishing MeTube 2. As a matter of fact I couldn’t find a single moment to lean back,relax and write. Since I have returned now from the Sundance Film Festival and became immediately sick, I found some time. So here it goes the merry message:

Simply said but challenging done. Side NFO: MeTube 2 is the first sequel short accepted by Sundance ever.

We (this means August, Philip, Eugen, Berny, Roli and me) got even a little financial travel backup from the awesome ACFNY (here we met the wonderful party person Arianna Fleur Kornreif supporting us on location) and not to forget the wonderful Austrian Consulate General with the amazing Consul General Ulrike Ritzinger gifting us a wonderful MeTube 2 reception in Deer Valley, supporting us financially (bearing partly the high costs of our accommodation). Thanks a lot also to Thomas Mikusz (from white bear PR) and Marijana Stoisits  (Vienna Film Commision) welcoming the only film representing Austria in Sundance 2016 warm hearted.

It was a pleasure to be there and for me it seemed that no time has passed since we were raiding Sundance for the 1st time in 2014. The difference then was, that MeTube I was already available in the web for ecxactly a year. Now we went the old school way of premiering 1st in Sundance and soon we are aiming to hit the web. Why so yo might ask? The answer is pretty simple: We’d like to be present here in Vienna when we are partying the online release with approximately 250 teammembers. It would be a shame to hang around somewhere else while this happens. We’ d like to release it in March and are currently looking for the right (party) occasion. If you have queer ideas, let us know. Meanwhile here some gathered pics of our stay in Park City

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daniel with believemedia 02.10.

Next to the fact that the US guys from Believemedia are now associates concerning MeTube 2. Believemedia UK is representing me concerning the advertising film world on the British territory. Juhey!

James and Mark from Believe helped me to attach the awesome people from Platige in Warsaw helping us currently to solve the bulk of MeTube 2 vfx work which has to be done. And very ALSO I’m happy to announce that wonderful Digic Pictures (renowned and many times awarded for their overwhelming cinematics for Assassins’ Creed and many others) are doing amazing crowd animation work for us, as well I want to name our associates in Paris Twosevenlab are helping us to move the project forward and last but not least I want to mention the awesome partners here in Vienna from Motion Control providers Cmocos (with whom we are planning addon shoot day this week) and newly aquired cgi and compositing heroes doing amazing work for us here in Vienna (shout out to Leinwandhelden, Spiro, Manuel, Lukas, Nino, Marcello and Mr Schinko who did also the first Metubian robot). So here we go the setup for our visual disaster project MeTube 2. Hope we manage to convince the Sundance programers ….

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Crowdfunding for MeTube 2 started 02.06.

Yesterday we launched our Indiegogo Campaign for MeTube 2. This short is the sequel of my most successful flick named MeTube which was screened at 250 festivals (including Sundance), won 30 awards and managed to gather more than 1.6 milion hits in the web.

I’ve been working on my new project MeTube 2 for two whole years now and it really means a lot to me. We basically have the money for the shooting of the film, but after that we will be stuck in postproduction if we don’t reach our crowdfunding goal and then the film probably won’t be finished before 2022 :-( (Yes we want to have District 9 like effects in our final clip!).

So please support MeTube 2 on Indiegogo. I really appreciate every single backer. If you can’t support us with a dollar, please spread the word and share with your network.

Campaign Video on Inidegogo

My favourite Campaign ads: 1st one shot while Score recording at Bayerische Stattsoper

my favourite as well: beloved Elfi and August

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how does thunderclap work 20.05.

Support us with your thunderclap

We’ll start shortly (1st of June 2015) a indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for my passion short MeTube 2 which you can already preview here on To bring more attention to this we use the thunderclap tool.

So what does it? If you click this link you’ll directed to our thunderclap campaign page. Here we try to go for 250 supporters on fb and twitter.

DON’T be afraid If you click on the support button you won’t get ripped.

You just pledge your support with the effect that if we manage to get all of the 250 supporters, on 1st June at 10 am Vienna timezone all these 250(or more) fb or twitter accounts will spread our thunderclap message which says the following:

“OPERA ON ACID? Help complete the biggest, boldest and sexiest OPERATIC FLASH MOB the internet has ever witnessed!

And this hopefully this will lead to a overwhelming crowdfunding support on indiegogo. My gratitude to everybody who wants MeTube 2 become reality!

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‘Bavarian State Opera’ 08.12.

I’m glad to announce that we aquired the best partner we can imagine for our next film. It’s the one and only  ”Bayrische Staatsoper” (Bavarian State Opera) and they commit to do crazy stuff with us. More to come, while we celebrate. BTW: this nice back belongs to Oksana Lyniv, conducting our soundtrack last November in Munich.

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director’s rep: daniel @ gesa’s 19.11.

Last week was a great week, 4 awards incoming including the greatest price money I ever got (thx to content award Vienna). The best thing happened after showing MeTube on Saatchi’s New German Directors Showcase in Düsseldorf, Ger, when two agents approached me. One of them was wonderful Gesa. And now here we are: my first representation is on, and I’m feeling good with it.

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Emergency nominated for intl. muvi festival paris 26.10.

I’m so happy that the Parisienne nominated my last muvi (‘Emergency’ for Tangowerk feat Lulu Schmidt). Last year we won surprisingly the Grand Prix with MeTube and this year’s competition line up is again strong, especially my favorite muvi of the past decade is nominated as well (if I’d be in the jury I would go for the Daniels ‘Turn down for what’). So it’s a good start here in Paris and it’s amazing to stay the next 3 months with my family in Le Marais 30 m next to the Seine. I’m in love already now. So here is the VOTING link to our Tangowerk video, go go go, vote vote vote and thx for dropping by and thx Ophélie for the pleasant evening yesterday. And I’m looking forward to the party 22nd of November aux trois baudets.

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D&AD Shortlist / Next Director Award 22.10.

First Saatschi Roadshow & now MeTube is part of the renowned D&AD Shortlist.

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Tangowerk MuVi online 12.09.

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Old people in an old people’s home can certainly have a party. Thanky Danky to Tangowerk, Julia Gechter, Eugen Klim, Jalaludin Trautmann, Christin Gottscheber, Andi Winter, Elfi Wunsch and the rest of the wonderful cast and staff who made this happen!

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